Access all senses: experience the Parthenon with audio description, touch and sign language

Friday 15 March 2019,
Room 18
Free, just drop in

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This event will introduce visitors to different modes of art appreciation in the Parthenon galleries, and offer the opportunity to experience AD and BSL. 

Audio describers translate visual art into verbal English to create an appropriate sensory experience for blind and partially sighted people.  They will demonstrate how this medium can also enhance the experience for sighted viewers.

Deaf art guides will demonstrate the visual and spatial aspects of BSL in relation to art.  A BSL interpreter will provide a voiceover and facilitate dialogue.

The event will be based in Rooms 18a and 18b, adjacent to the Parthenon gallery.

This event is organised by Dr Ellen Adams, King’s College London (

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A section of the Parthenon frieze. Athens, 438–432 BC.