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Edvard Munch: love and angst - SOLD OUT

Monday 25 March 2019,
BP Lecture Theatre
Tickets £15


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The creator of art's most haunting and iconic face. A radical father of Expressionism. Norway’s answer to Vincent Van Gogh. But who was Edvard Munch?

Curator Giulia Bartrum talks about this pioneering, subversive artist as the British Museum lifts the veil on his life and works in the largest show of his prints in the UK to date.

The emotional intensity of The Scream has reverberated through history, speaking to generations. The fact that it needs no explanation is arguably one of its strengths. Yet perhaps it is also the reason that, beyond his name, so little is known about its creator – The Scream speaks for itself. Although it has become a universal symbol of human anxiety, it is a deeply personal response to Munch’s upbringing and experiences as a young artist.

Visceral, rebellious and hungry for new experiences, Munch rejected his strict Lutheran upbringing to pursue an unconventional lifestyle and his work articulated his experiences of life in a rapidly changing Europe, that was to be shattered by the first global industrialised conflict. Discover how he mastered the art of printmaking and explore his remarkable body of work. Munch’s innovative techniques, bold use of colour and dark subject matter resonated with shifting attitudes – and mark him out as one of the first truly ‘modern’ artists.

This lecture includes a complimentary drink.

Age: 16+

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Edvard Munch, The Scream, lithograph, 1895. Private collection, Norway. CC BY 4 The Munch Museum