Transfigured continent: impressions from Munch's Europe

Thursday 23 May 2019,
Stevenson Lecture Theatre
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What was Europe like in Munch’s lifetime (1863-1944)?

Speaker Charles Emmerson is an Australian-born writer and historian, based in London. He is the author of 1913: The World before the Great War (2013) and Crucible: The Long End of the Great War and the Birth of a New World, which will be published in Autumn 2019. He studied in Oxford, Paris and Germany. He previously worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House in London and in various research and policy institutions in Europe. He discusses the historical setting for Munch. Munch knew many key cultural figures and travelled from Kristiania (modern-day Oslo) to Paris and Berlin. Charles Emmerson considers what sort of Europe Munch would have experienced.

Age: 18+

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