Armageddon's Earliest Temples: An Early Bronze Age Monumental Sacred Compound at Megiddo, Israel.

Thursday 6 December 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
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By Matthew J Adams, Albright Institute.

Centuries before the pyramids of Egypt rose along the Nile, the inhabitants of Megiddo (biblical ‘Armageddon’) in the Jezreel Valley, Israel, organised themselves into a massive city and began construction on a monumental home for their revered god.

This temple would be one of the most ambitious construction projects in the Levant, and the city responsible for it would be the earliest and largest urban formation for hundreds of miles in any direction. This extraordinary 5,000-year-old temple has now been revealed through 14 years of excavation by the Tel Aviv University Megiddo Expedition.

This lecture chronicles the discovery of the Great Temple and provides a detailed archaeological study of the building from its sanctuary containing beautifully carved basalt tables to its curious corridors stacked high with the bone refuse from animal sacrifices. Who built this massive temple, and what does it say about humanity’s earliest experiments in cities and states?

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Courtesy of Matthew J Adams