Troy and Gordion: an excavator's perspective on two legendary sites in Anatolia

Thursday 21 February 2019,
BP Lecture Theatre

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This lecture forms the Annual Denys Haynes Memorial Lecture.

Professor C. Brian Rose
James B. Pritchard Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania and director of excavations at two legendary sites in Turkey – Troy and Gordion.

Schliemann began excavations at Troy in the 1870s, and claimed that he had found evidence there of the battles between the Homeric heroes. Gordion was the capital city of King Midas, famous for his Golden Touch, and the site of the Gordian Knot that was severed by Alexander the Great.

In this talk Professor Rose will highlight the positive and negative aspects of working at both projects, and focus on the extent to which regional, national, and global developments have shaped research agendas. He will also reflect on the discipline of archaeology in Turkey and the Near East.

The lecture will be followed by a reception.

Age: 16+

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