Festivals and celebrations in the ancient world
City Lit Classics day 2019

Saturday 16 February 2019,
BP Lecture Theatre
Tickets £49
Members £29
Concessions £19

Booking through the City Lit. Please enrol on 020 7831 7831.

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The City Lit, in partnership with University College London and the British Museum, presents this stimulating day on the wide-ranging subject of festivals and celebrations – personal, public and religious – across the ancient world of Greece and Rome.

We see how these offer the context for many of the objects in the Museum. Why and how were some festivals of ancient Greece absorbed into Roman culture? What do these festivals and celebrations tell us about the relevant societies?

Join us as we answer these questions and more. The lectures will be followed by a panel discussion with speakers from the City Lit, University College London and the British Museum.

Age: 18+

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Sculpture from the Parthenon South Frieze, Block XLIV, showing the Procession from the Panathenaic Festival, 438-432 BC.