Members' lecture
The magi and the magic of ancient Persia - SOLD OUT

Monday 9 July 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
Tickets £15
Members £15


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The word magi (Greek magoi) derives from the Old Persian word magush, meaning priest in general and Zoroastrian priest in particular. In the rock-cut inscription of Darius the Great (r. 522–486 BC) at Bisitun in western Iran, the Persian king described a defeated rebel as a magush. The Greek historian Herodotus mentions magi when describing the ancient Persians in the middle of the 5th century BC, and a century later Xenophon refers to the Persian magi as authorities on all religious matters.

In this lecture, British Museum Curator Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis will look at the magic of ancient Persia from 550 BC to AD 651 and discuss the intricate connection between kingship and religion, and the formation of an iconography which has survived to this day.

Includes a complimentary drink.

Age: 16+

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