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Sunday 10 June 2018,
Sunday 17 June 2018,
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Sunday 1 July 2018,
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Rodin said, ‘It is very simple. My drawings are the key to my work.’ Though renowned for works that revolutionised the art of sculpture, Rodin was also a prolific and experimental draughtsman who produced more than 10,000 drawings. He used his many visits to the British Museum to work on preparatory sketches and studies, inspired by the objects from Greece, Egypt, China and Assyria.

Drawing enabled Rodin to experiment more freely and spontaneously with line and form before realising his ideas in stone and bronze, but he also saw it as central to the evolution and expression of his vision – as an art in its own right.

In a series of five classes we will explore Rodin's understanding and revolutionary approach to sculpture and the inspiration he drew from classical art.

In the first four classes, through drawing, we will get closer to Rodin's approaches to his subject, his feeling for it and aspects of what he was trying to achieve.
We will be using a range of drawing materials, and have privileged access to the fantastic sculptures in the British Museum and the Rodin exhibition which will be our subjects. The final class will be an unprecedented chance to put the ideas covered in the previous four weeks into practice modelling a sculpture directly from the museum's permanent collection. This will be a rich and challenging experience trying to get a feel for a complex artist. It is open to a range of abilities and aims to provide a diversity of creative outcomes.

Presented in collaboration with the Royal Drawing School.

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