Members' special event
Stiff competition: an evening of comedy with the Z List Dead List - SOLD OUT

Thursday 22 March 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
Tickets £19
Members £19


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Take an irreverent and amusing look at the not-so-famous people who have been unfairly consigned to the dustbin of history.

Comedian Iszi Lawrence (creator and host of The Z List Dead List podcast and show) is joined by four (currently) notable people who will highlight their unsung historical heroes and battle it out to win the audience's approval for their unsung historical hero.

James Harkin is a QI Elf and produces QI's Radio 4 show The Museum of Curiosity, co-authored the last five QI books and co-presents the QI podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, along with its spin-off TV show No Such Thing As The News.

Andy Riley is an Emmy-winning scriptwriter, cartoonist and children's author whose whose screen credits include Veep, Black Books, Little Britain and Tracey Ullman's Show. His 14 books include the bestselling Bunny Suicides series (not for kids) and the King Flashypants series (absolutely for kids).

Emma Kennedy is a ten times author, screenwriter and occasional actor. She won Masterchef, Mastermind, is a World Record Holder and Gillian Anderson once gave her a spatula for Christmas.

...and a curator to be named soon...

You can’t pop into the Museum without being assaulted by all manner of objects honouring some celebrated stiff. But what of the forgotten heroes – the weird and wonderful characters that are a mere footnote in the annals of history? Hoping to snatch them from the jaws of obscurity, the four advocates of these overlooked overachievers will plead their case to the assembled public (that’s you). At the end of the show, you’ll vote for the person who is most deserving of our recognition.

What Members said about previous Stiff competition evenings:
'I laughed plenty.'
'I laughed out loud!'
'So much fun.'
'Iszi was an excellent compere.'
'More of this style of event please!'
'Really enjoyed this evening. My wife who was sceptical came away very enthusiastic and we would definitely come again.' 'It was well organised and great fun.'

Members may purchase tickets for up to six guests.

Age: 16+

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Iszi Lawrence.