Finding Qumran Cave 1Q artefacts

Thursday 8 March 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
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In this lecture, Joan Taylor, King's College London, will review the aims and achievements of the Leverhulme-funded International Network for the Study of Dispersed Qumran Cave Artefacts and Archival Sources (King's College London, University of Malta, Faculty of Theology, Lugano).

Along with publications, the project makes available new findings via dqcaas.com, and also feeds data towards a new book series on the archaeology of the Qumran caves edited by J B Humbert and M Fidanzio, with the first volume of this series (on Cave 11Q) appearing shortly. The work thus far has concentrated on materials connected with Qumran Cave 1Q, 3Q and 11Q. In regard to Cave 1Q, there has been a particular focus on the jars dispersed around the globe in various museums and collections. Cave 11Q linen has been radiocarbon dated with interesting results. The photographic collection of the Allegro archive in Manchester Museum and the personal holdings of Allegro's daughter Judy Brown have been digitised, the latter including a rare film of the opening of the Copper Scroll. Archival materials elsewhere continue to be identified. For example, the Palestine Exploration Fund was found to have important textile fragments from Cave 1Q, as well as pottery from this cave.

The event is organised jointly by the British Museum, Palestine Exploration Fund and Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society.

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Allegro jar. Photo: J E Taylor.