On the First Crusade with Jonathan Riley Smith

Thursday 11 January 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
Free, booking essential

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A lecture by Malcolm Billings, formerly BBC World Service and author of The Crusades: The War Against Islam 1096–1798.

In 1095, Pope Urban II granted absolution to anyone who would fight to reclaim the Holy Land. With God at their backs, the first Christian crusaders embarked on an unprecedented religious war.

In this lecture, Malcolm Billings will focus on the First Crusade and its outcome of almost two centuries of Christian rule in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 1798 marked the end of the main crusading period when Napoleon sailed into the Grand Harbour of Malta.

The lecture is a tribute to Professor Jonathan Riley Smith, the Cambridge University historian and a Knight of the Order of St John, whose scholarship changed our understanding of the history of the Crusades.

This lecture is arranged jointly with Council for British Research in the Levant, Palestine Exploration Fund and British Museum.

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The Citadel, Jerusalem. Photo: Photocrom Co. from the PEF archives.