Digital workshop
Samsung Great Court Games

Saturday 16 September 2017,
Great Court
Free, just drop in

Sponsored by Samsung

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Come to the Great Court with your family to play digital games, solve challenges and explore trails that will lead you to unexpected places in the Museum!

Charades game One person is the ‘actor’, who holds a tablet and looks at a picture. They act out how they think it would be used while the rest of the group has to guess which object it is from a range of objects. How do you think the object was used? Did you wear it? Did you play with it? Try your best to show this through your actions!

Whatsapp game Receive a message on your Samsung mobile on Whatsapp from the games master, with instructions of how to play a game. Play the game as a family, and record yourselves doing it – you could take a photo or write what you have done. Send the photo back to the games master to win points and find out what your next challenge will be...

A passport, national ID or driver’s licence is required as a deposit.

Age: 5+

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Photo: Benedict Johnson.