Special event
Last Whispers: Oratorio for Vanished Voices, Collapsing Universes and a Falling Tree

Friday 21 October 2016,
Saturday 22 October 2016,
Sunday 23 October 2016,
Room 24
Free, just drop in

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Last Whispers is an immersive installation by artist Lena Herzog built on themes of ritual and gesture, loss and dislocation.

Herzog’s team worked in collaboration with SOAS World Languages Institute and the Endangered Languages Archive, both at SOAS, University of London. Together, they pulled together an extensive source library of hundreds of voice recordings from all over the planet. The resulting sound installation comprises voices speaking and singing in languages that are extinct or endangered.

Based on these words, songs and stories, Herzog and composers Marco Capalbo and Mark Mangini have created an experiential soundscape and accompanying video, gathering this vanishing chorus from distant worlds into one unifying piece.

Last Whispers premieres at the British Museum as part of Bloomsbury Festival.

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