Crisis or continuity? Hoarding and deposition in Iron Age and Roman Britain, and beyond

Friday 11 March 2016,
Saturday 12 March 2016,
BP Lecture Theatre
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This Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project  Crisis or continuity? Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain is a joint project between the British Museum and the University of Leicester, which seeks to understand why so many hoards were buried in Britain during the Iron Age and Roman periods.

The project is analysing the contents, landscape settings and contextual associations of British Iron Age and Roman coin hoards, with a particular emphasis on Roman 3rd century AD hoards, in order to not only understand the reasons for their deposition, but also what they can tell us.

This two-day international conference will address the themes of 'Hoarding and deposition in Britain and Europe' on the Friday and 'The 3rd century AD in Britain and Europe – crisis or continuity?' on the Saturday.

Speakers: Roger Bland, University of Leicester/British Museum, Tom Brindle, University of Reading, Kevin Butcher, University of Warwick, Adrian Chadwick, University of Leicester, Philip de Jersey, University of Oxford, Simon Esmonde Cleary, University of Birmingham, Duncan Garrow, University of Reading, Eleanor Ghey, British Museum, Richard Hobbs, British Museum, Helle Horsnæs, National Museum of Denmark, Fleur Kemmers, University of Frankfurt, Sam Moorhead, British Museum, Adam Rogers, University of Leicester, Nico Roymans, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Alex Smith, University of Reading, Philippa Walton, University of Oxford, David Wigg Wolf, German Archaeological Institute, and Rachel Wilkinson, University of Leicester.

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