Special early morning tour
an introduction to ancient Egypt

Tours take place on various dates - please click 'book online' below to see current availability.

Main entrance, Great Russell Street

Tickets £30 per person

Advance booking essential

Phone +44 (0)20 7323 8181
Ticket Desk in Great Court

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Enjoy exploring one of the most iconic spaces in the Museum and discover the fascinating history of ancient Egypt in this special guided tour, before the galleries open to the public.

In the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery (Room 4) you will see impressive statues of kings and gods, monumental tomb architecture and ancient tomb reliefs spanning 3,000 years. These include the imposing colossal bust of Ramesses II, the Gayer-Anderson Cat and the world-famous Rosetta Stone – key to deciphering hieroglyphs. You will learn the importance of large-scale sculpture in ancient Egyptian temples and tombs, and get the perfect introduction to this unmissable collection.

The tour will begin at 09.00 and will last for 60 minutes. Please come to the Main entrance on Great Russell Street (WC1B 3DG) at 08.50 with your email confirmation.

£30 per person

Advance booking essential

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