Please note: this gallery is closed 1st January 2018 – late September 2018

The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries
Rooms 92–94

5000 BC – present

Continuity and change have shaped Japanese material culture since ancient times.

Through extensive cultural exchange, Japan has become a thriving modern, high-technology society whilst continuing to celebrate many elements of its traditional culture.

From intricately hand-crafted antiquities and newly acquired Samurai armour, to 20th century manga comic books, Rooms 92-94 showcase one of the most comprehensive collections of Japanese art and objects outside Japan – dating from prehistory to the present day.

Historic tea ceremony wares can also be seen, alongside a reconstruction of a traditional tea house.

Wooden figure of Fudô Myô-Ô

Wooden figure of Fudô Myô-Ô.
Heian period, 12th century AD.