Korea (Room 67)

The Korea Foundation Gallery

The Korean peninsula is about as large as the UK. Since 1948 it has been divided into the Republic of Korea in the south and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the north. Korea has a rich material and visual culture and a long and enduring history.

This gallery creates an encounter with the peninsula’s art, history and culture, through the important collections of the British Museum and also through loans from partner institutions including the National Museum of Korea. Building on the strengths of the collections, objects on display date mainly from about AD 300 to the present and include ceramics, metalwork, sculpture, paintings, prints, textiles, lacquer and coins. A reconstruction of a sarangbang, or scholar’s study, built by contemporary Korean master craftsmen in summer 2000, displays traditional Korean architecture.

The gallery was created in 2000 thanks to the generosity of the Korea Foundation and refurbished in 2014 with a grant from the National Museum of Korea.


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