Behind the scenes

A real night at the Museum

We've gone behind the scenes to find out what happens in the Museum at night. Meet curators, exhibition teams and our very own versions of Larry to find out more about the Museum at night!

After dark: night time in the British Museum

Ever wondered what happens when the public have left and the lights go out?

Night at the Museum: living objects

British Museum staff reveal which objects they would like to see come to life.

Behind the scenes filming at the British Museum

British Museum staff recall the filming of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Twentieth Century Fox

Night at the Museum™: Secret of the Tomb
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5 facts from filming at the Museum


The crew shot in five different locations at the Museum: the forecourt (in front of the building), the Weston Great Hall, the Great Court, the Parthenon Gallery (Room 18) and the Enlightenment Gallery (Room 1), although the Enlightenment Gallery scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the film.

Six helium balloon lights were required for the different shots, these were so big they took an hour to fill and could not fit through the front door!

The doorknobs of the British Museum are unique, so we sent a pair to Vancouver to be replicated for the film set.

The objects chosen to feature in the film are not necessarily the most well-known. Instead, Museum staff chose the objects that they would most like to see come to life.

Dexter the monkey is actually a female capuchin called Crystal. When she came to the Museum she had her own stunt double and tent set up in the Great Court.