A Night at the Museum

5 tips for spending a real night at the Museum!

We've prepared 5 important tips for spending a real night at the British Museum!

Become a Young Friend of the Museum

If you’re aged 8–15, become a Young Friend and you could spend a real night at the British Museum, just like your favourite characters from the film!


Our top 5 tips

Bring a torch

The Museum is very dark at night and, like Larry, you’ll need light to find your way and discover its secrets.


Know your Ramesses from your Nebuchadnezzar

Your bed for the night will be in either the Egyptian or Mesopotamian galleries among some pretty impressive statues. If they come alive at night, you’ll want to know which ancient ruler you’re sleeping next to!


Bring an adult with a sense of adventure

Not all adults are ready to experience the magic of a museum at night, so pick someone as brave as Sir Lancelot to come with you.


Don’t annoy the security guards

If you’re caught running around you could get in big trouble!


Wear something comfortable

You’ll need clothes you can run around in – something that you won’t mind getting a bit dirty...

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