A tour in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery

Free tours and talks

Choose from

Eye-opener tours: 30–40 minutes

Hands on desks: 11.00–16.00

Lunchtime gallery talks: 45 minutes

Friday night spotlight tours: 20 minutes

Get to know the collection on a tour or a talk or at our Hands on desks.

We run daily Eye-opener tours in several galleries between 11.00 and 15.45. On Friday evenings we run four 20-minute spotlight tours. And every day, we have seven Hands on desks where you can see objects up close and discuss them with our volunteers. Free 45-minute gallery talks with guest speakers and curators also take place regularly – see below for details. 

Daily Eye-opener tours

  • Our free Eye-opener tours are 30–40 minutes long and are suitable for all ages.
  • Please meet at the entrance to the relevant gallery.
  • We offer tours between 11.00 and 15.45.
  • The availability of free tours and talks may be reduced on bank holidays – see dates of upcoming bank holidays.

Hands on desks

Take a close look at some of the objects from the collection at our Hands on desks. Sessions are free and take place daily from 11.00–16.00, subject to availability, in the galleries listed below:

Room 1 – Enlightenment Gallery

Room 2 – Collecting the world Gallery

Room 24 – Living and Dying Gallery

Room 49 – Roman Britain Gallery

Room 68 – Money Gallery

Rooms 42–43 – The Islamic world Gallery

Room 33 – China and South Asia Gallery