Inside Room 70, the Roman Empire gallery at the British Museum.

Room 70

Museum Missions
Roman Empire

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Suitable for all ages

Discover the Roman Empire using these fun family missions.

The objects in this room come from all over the Roman Empire and demonstrate its vast scale. You'll meet mighty emperors and other important figures as you encounter the many sculptures on display. Other objects range from humble everyday artefacts to precious jewellery worn by wealthy Romans.

Explore sculptures and more as you roam around the gallery looking for objects and use your phone or tablet for the pose and perform missions.

Museum Missions is presented in Room 70: Roman Empire, the Wolfson Gallery.


Find this statue of a boy dancing. This may be Cupid, god of love.

Starting with this statue's pose and using poses from other metal statues you can see in the room, create a dance routine.

Now record a video of your dance using your phone or tablet. Make sure you're at a safe distance from any objects or cases. 



Septimius Severus was a Roman emperor born in North Africa. He travelled to Britain in 208 AD and invaded Caledonia (modern-day Scotland) with an army of 50,000 men. His plans were cut short when he fell ill and died in Eboracum (modern-day York).

This statue is carved showing him in his military uniform highlighting his role as leader of the Roman army.

If you had a statue carved of yourself, what would you be wearing and what would it say about you?


Jewellery belonging to wealthy Romans was often made from precious metals and stones. They could have been worn on the hands, arms, around the neck or in the hair of their owners.

Look for pieces of jewellery displayed in this gallery and find examples of a: 

  • Finger ring 
  • Necklace 
  • Pair of earrings
  • Hairpin  
  • Bracelet  
  • Pendant 


Figure of a woman

Figure of a women, Roman.
Take a photo of your family posing behind the headless statues of a standing Muse, and Athena sitting on her throne, which are next to this one. Position your heads to complete the statues.
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Bronze figure of a young satyr

Bronze statuette of a satyr
This statue has its hands raised playing an instrument. Originally it would have held double pipes. Take a photo of you copying this pose or pretending to play your favourite instrument.
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Imperial family cameo

Cameo of imperial family. Roman, 37-50 (circa).
Standing near this carved stone, photograph two of your family facing each other just like the pair shown.
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Busts of Emperor and Empress

Two busts of members of a Roman imperial family.
Take a picture of your family in a powerful pose like the members of these Roman imperial families. 
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