The Helen Hamlyn Trust Museum Explorer trails

Museum explorer trails

Key information

Visit the Families Desk, Great Court.

Opening times

Weekends and school holidays: 10.00–16.30
See London Borough of Camden school holiday dates.

Our Museum explorer trails take you on a fascinating journey of exploration and discovery around the Museum.

On the way you'll track down amazing treasures and see intriguing objects from human history. There'll be objects to find, questions to answer and ideas to discuss.

Explore in the Museum
Remember to download and print the explorer trails at home. You'll be able to bring them in and complete them in your own time. Museum explorer trails take 30–40 minutes to complete.

Paper copies of the explorer trails are not being distributed in the Museum at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Explore at home
You can also download our trails that can't be done at the Museum and explore the collection at home using our virtual tours.

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Explore in the Museum

Hamlyn trail colour and shape

Colour and shape

Travel to Africa to meet Mammy Wata. Discover wonderful colours, shapes and patterns.

Ages: 3–5


Hamlyn trail Japan

Journey Across Japan

Discover ancient and modern objects of a fascinating and flourishing nation as you journey across Japan.

Ages: 6+ 

Hamlyn trail Africa around the world

Africa around the World

Take a trip through thousands of years to discover how Africa has shaped the world.

Ages: 6+

Hamlyn trail ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Journey down the Nile to discover why it was so important in ancient Egypt. 

Ages: 6+

Explore at home

Hamlyn trail time to count

Time to count

Dance, laugh and practise your counting as you embark on an exciting journey through Asia!

Ages: 3–5

Available as an online activity only.

Hamlyn trail ancient Greece

Ancient Greece

Wander through thousands of years of Greek history to find out how life and art changed across the centuries. 

Ages: 6+

Available as an online activity only.

Hamlyn trail fantastic creatures

Fantastic Creatures

Voyage around the world to discover how people have painted, carved, hunted and farmed animals throughout history.

Ages: 6+ 

Available as an online activity only.