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Become a Patron

The invaluable support of our Patrons enables the British Museum to continue to care for our world-renowned collection and share it with audiences in London and around the globe.

As members of a community of curious minds, Patrons can enjoy the collection and learn from Museum experts in uniquely engaging and intimate environments. With opportunities to go behind the scenes and gain exclusive access to our major exhibitions and galleries, Patrons receive an unparalleled experience – all while supporting the vital work of the Museum.

We invite you to become a part of the special community at the heart of the British Museum:

Patron Circles

We have four Patron Circles to choose from. Each provides the opportunity to support the Museum’s important work and gives access to a unique selection of benefits, allowing you to pick the option most suited to you.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

In addition to Patron Circles, there are a number of Special Interest Groups that support specific areas of the collection.

Special Interest Group members are invited to tailored events throughout the year. You'll have close contact with curators working in your area of interest, giving you lots of opportunities to expand your knowledge in the area of the collection you're most passionate about.