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The Museum is a charity and the vital donations made by our Patrons go towards supporting the Museum across many different areas and making sure that we are able to remain accessible and open to public audiences from across the world. This can include contributing to the care, preservation and display of the collection, as well as enabling the Museum to invest in ground-breaking research, whether in the laboratory in Bloomsbury or an archaeological excavation in Iraq. The British Museum and its rich collection tell the story of our shared humanity and we thank you for supporting us in stewarding this history for future generations. 

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An x-ray image of a cat.

Divine creatures: Egyptian animal mummies

The collection of around 400 animal mummies held at the British Museum is one of the largest outside Egypt. This project aims to transform our understanding of this extensive collection, offering new insights into the practicalities and significance of this unique ancient Egyptian practice.

Beginning in 2022, this project uses the latest technology (including CT scanning, isotopic analysis and radiocarbon dating) to explore the tradition of embalming animals and revealing what lies beneath their wrappings. The work shows how these animals lived, died and were mummified. It also considers the human component of these mummies, looking into religious, social, economic and practical aspects of the custom within Egyptian society.

The head of a male figure lies on a flat green rectangular strip of metal.

Furniture mount in the form of a bust of Oceanus

In 2020, using partial unrestricted funds from donations to the Museum, the Department of Britain, Europe and Prehistory acquired a copper alloy and iron furniture mount dating from 100–200 AD. Created during the Roman rule of Britain, archaeologists excavated the object in Old Basing, Hampshire. 

The furniture mount takes the form of Oceanus, the Titan god of rivers and water. Its heavy-lidded wide eyes, with deep recesses for pupils, were likely originally set with glass or precious stones. This decorative bust was acquired alongside a metal plate, believed to be its mount. Subsequent work revealing more about the object has included x-radiography, dirt and soil removal using a scalpel under a microscope, and iron corrosion removal.

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