dyed (Scope note)

Th term and its NTs have been used in different ways according to Departmental conventions. AFRICA, OCEANIA and AMERICAS The term ‘dyed’ or its NTs is entered as follows: Pre-weaving: when yarn (usually hand-spun) is dyed before weaving techniques such as ikat when dye is applied before weaving Post-weaving: resist-dyed and discharge-dyed techniques that take place after weaving/construction of cloth where whole cloths woven from undyed yarn are then subsequently dyed (either fully or partially) where elements of cloths (such as tassels) may be dyed separately and then attached EUROPE The term ‘dyed’ rarely entered as a Technique because the assumption with European textiles is that the threads are coloured first, so it only occurs for resist-dyed and ikat. Undyed threads or wool are therefore specified as such.