painted (Scope note)

A term that covers all types of painting in oils and fresco, and also finished works on silk or paper of the schools of Asia. For Western traditions of art, the word 'drawn' has been used for works on paper, including watercolours. N.B. The term is also used in the context of ceramics, where the object is described as, e.g.: 'painted in overglaze enamels', or 'decorated in overglaze enamels' (with the resulting Techniques 'glazed' and painted' and Material 'enamel'). For ceramics in the Greek and Roman Department, the term painted is also to be used in the sense of ‘decorated’. The composition of the ‘paint’, which can often be described as a ‘slip’ is irrelevant. Thus the term 'slip-painted' is not used for ceramics in that Department, and 'slipped' or 'painted' are used instead.