Antiochia ad Orontem (Scope note)

This is the most famous of the cities called Antiochia and is often referred to just as 'Antioch'. It was founded by Seleucus I Nicator (and named after his father) on the eastern bank of the Orontes River on 22 Artemision (April-May) 300BC. With Seleucia in Pieria (the modern site of Kapisuyu), Apamea ad Orontem (Qalaat el-Moudiq), and Laodicea ad Mare (Latakiya) it formed the Syrian tetrapolis. Previous settlements probably included the settlements of Meroe and Bottia. After an earthquake on 29th November AD 528 the city was re-founded in a slightly different location and re-named Theoupolis. The city was captured in 1098 during the First Crusade, and it became the capital of the Crusader Principality of Antioch until its conquest by Sultan Baibars in 1268. The modern city is called Antakya and the archaeological site is in the Amuq valley. Barrington ref: p67, C4