Alexander Henry Rhind (Biographical details)

Alexander Henry Rhind (legal; Scottish; Male; 1833 - 1863)

Also known as

Rhind, Alexander Henry


Born in Wick, Scotland July 26, 1833. Lawyer and Egyptologist. Died in Cadenabbia July 3, 1863. Studied at the University of Edinburgh.


1858. British Archaeology, its progress and demands. London. J.R. Smith.
1863. Facsimiles of two papyri found in a tomb at Thebes with a translation by Samuel Birch and an account of their discovery. London: Longman, Roberts and Green.
1858. Law of treasure-trove: how can it be best adapted to accomplish useful results? Edinburgh : T. Constable ; London : Hamilton, Adams.
1862. Thebes : its tombs and their tenants, ancient and present. London: Longman, Green, Roberts and Green.