Karl XIV Johan, King of Sweden and Norway (Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte) (Biographical details)

Karl XIV Johan, King of Sweden and Norway (Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte) (ruler; royal/imperial; Swedish; French; Male; 1763 - 1844)

Also known as

Karl XIV Johan; Charles XIV John; Karl III Johan; Charles John; Charles Jean; Bernadotte, Jean Baptiste; Ponte-Corvo; Norway; Sweden


Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, French Revolutionary general who also served in the Napoleonic Wars; made marshal of France in 1804 and Prince of Ponte-Corvo in 1806. After the battle of Wagram (1809) he fell out with Napoléon and was stripped off his command, but in 1810 he was elected heir-presumptive to the ailing King Charles XIII of Sweden; Bernadotte renounced his title of Prince of Ponte-Corvo and became Crown Prince and Regent of Sweden as Karl Johan (often called Charles John in English sources). In 1813 he joined the Sixth Coalition against Napoleon and secured Norway. In 1818 he succeeded King Charles XIII of Sweden and became King as Charles XIV John of Sweden and Charles III John of Norway.
In 1798 he had married Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary, sister of Joseph Bonaparte's wife Julie Clary. They had a son, Oscar I of Sweden and Norway.