Apollo (Biographical details)

Apollo (deity; Roman; Greek; Etruscan; Male)

Also known as

Apollo; Aplu; Apollo Citharoedus; Apollo Kitharoedus; Apollo Alasiotes; Apollo Sauroktonos; Apollo Philesios; Apollo Musicus; Apollo Amyklaios; Apollo Belvedere; Apollo Delphicus; Phoebus; Phoibus; Apollo Carneius


One of the twelve Olympian gods; son of Zeus/Jupiter (q.v.) and Leto/Latona (q.v.); brother of Artemis/Diana (q.v.); a major deity representing, in opposition to Dionysos/Bacchus (q.v.), the rational and civilized aspects of human nature; patron of the arts and leader of the Muses (q.v.); later, manifested as Phoebus (q.v.), he became identified with the sun-god Helios/Sol (q.v.).