Chevalier Bröndsted (Biographical details)

Chevalier Bröndsted (official; academic/intellectual; Danish; Male; 1780 - 1842; active)

Also known as

Peter Olaf Bröndsted


Danish archaeologist and philologist. Through him the British Museum purchased the Durand Collection in 1836. He also sold coins to the Museum in 1840.

He published 'A brief description of thirty-two ancient Greek vases' (London: Valpy) in 1832 (reviewed in The Athenaeum, no. 242, 16 June 1832, 383-4), a study of some of the vases found at Canino vases which were exhibited by Campanari in the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly. He also published a paper on Panathenaic vases with reference to examples in the British Museum (TRSL volume ii, 1831, 102-35). His most important however was 'Travels and researches in Greece' (1826-30), based on his extensive travels, the second part of which contains a major study of the Parthenon.


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Obituary in The Gentleman's Magazine 18 (new series), August 1842, 211-213.