Eduard Kann (Biographical details)

Eduard Kann (collector; Austrian; Male; 1880 - 1962)

Also known as

Kann, Eduard


Banker, born in Austria. Went to China 1901 to work for British bank, then for the Russo-Asiatic Bank (q.v.), the Banque Industrielle de Chine, and the Chinese-American Bank of Commerce. Stationed in Manchuria, then moved to Tientsin (=Tianjin) and became manager of the Commercial Guarantee Bank of Chihli. General manager of the Chinese-American Bank of Commerce from 1921. Operated an independent bullion and exchange brokerage business in Shanghai 1925-49 (but imprisoned by Japanese 1941-42). Lived in Hollywood, California, 1949-62.
Kann's coin collection was sold in three sales by Quality Sales Corporation (Kreisberg & Cohen), 1971-72. Kann's Chinese stamp collection was sold at auction by stamp dealer J R Hughes in February 1963. Kann's Chinese banknote collection was sold at auction in New York, 27-28 October 2008.


The currencies of China, Kelly & Walsh, Shanghai, 1927; reprinted AMS Press Inc, New York, 1975. (The Edward Kann Chinese Banknote Collection, sold at auction, New York, 27-28 October 2008)
Illustrated catalog of Chinese coins (gold, silver, nickel and aluminium), Los Angeles, 1954.
Articles on Chinese paper money in 56 installments in the Far Eastern Economic Review 1957-58.