Frank Calvert (Biographical details)

Frank Calvert (archaeologist; collector; English; Male; 1828 - 1908)

Also known as

Calvert, Frank


Brought up in Malta but at the age of sixteen joined his family in the Troad region of western Turkey where he became the American Consular Agent at the Dardanelles, occasionally serving simultaneously as the Acting British Consul. He was a self-taught scholar with a keen interest in the ancient history and topography of the Dardanelles. He excavated at the mound of Hissarlik (ancient Troy) prior to Heinrich Schliemann (q.v.). Also developed a large collection of antiquities from the Troad and eastern Mediterranean. Wrote a brief article entitled "Excavations in the Troad" in 'The Levant Herald', 4 February 1873.


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