Dioskouroi/Dioscuri (Biographical details)

Dioskouroi/Dioscuri (deity; Roman; Greek; Etruscan; Male)

Also known as

Dioskouroi/Dioscuri; Dioskouroi; Dioscuri; Kastor; Pollux; Castor; Polydeukes; Polydeuces; Kasturu; Pulutuke


The twin gods Castor and Pollux; gods friendly to men and often saviours in times of crisis. Sons of Leda (q.v.) and Zeus/Jupiter (q.v.); brothers of Helen (q.v.) and Clytemnestra (q.v.); they abducted Phoebe (q.v.) and Hilaeria (q.v.), the daughters of Leucippus (q.v.).