Philippe Delamain (Biographical details)

Philippe Delamain (collector; manufacturer/factory; French; Male; 1847 - 1902)

Also known as

Delamain, Philippe


Son of the entomologist Henry Delamain. Between 1889 and 1893 he excavated a large Merovingian cemetery at Herpes, Charente. Large group of material collected by Delamain and obtained for the collector Edouard Guilhou (q.v.) by the Paris dealer Houzeau was purchased by the museum through Rollin & Feuardent (q.v.) in 1905. Part of the grave finds from the cemetery was published by Delamain. But although the register says the 1905 acquisition is all from Herpes it has been shown by Ager (1997) that some of it is from Amiens and possibly other sites in northern France and may have been added to the Delamain Collection by dealers after his death in 1902.