The Diosphos Painter (Biographical details)

The Diosphos Painter (painter/draughtsman; Greek; 495BC - 470/60BC; fl.)

Also known as

Diosphos Painter


Athenian black-figure vase-painter whose name is unknown. Nevertheless consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. Beazley called him the Diosphos Painter following Haspels ABL, who first assembled the work of the painter on the basis of style. He worked in black-figure but also made use of Six's technique. He is one of a group of prolific fairly undistinguished black-figure vase-painters specialising mostly in lekythoi and alabastra, working at the same time as the flowering of the finest red-figure vase-painters.


Beazley ABV 508-511; Boardman ABFH 148-149; Haspels ABL 94-130, 232-241.