Hermes/Mercury (Biographical details)

Hermes/Mercury (personification/emblem; deity; Roman; Greek; Etruscan; Male)

Also known as

Hermes/Mercury; Hermes; Mercury; Mercurius; Hermes Kriophoros; Hermes Psychopompos; Turms


One of the twelve Olympian gods; patron deity of travellers and, subsequently, of commerce; also, sometimes, a trickster; son of Zeus/Jupiter (q.v.) amd Maia (q.v.); messenger of the gods and often a guide to mortals; protector of both shepherds and their flocks; later he became a personification of Eloquence and Reason; his image, the Herm, was often placed at roadsides to mark distances or boundaries.
Specific manifestations include Hermes Psychopompos (as conductor of the souls of the dead).
Use also for the personification of the planet Mercury.