Sir Joseph Hotung (Biographical details)

Sir Joseph Hotung (collector; Male)

Also known as

Hotung, Joseph


Collector, businessman and philanthropist, born in Shanghai and educated in China, the United States and the University of London. A member of numerous public bodies in Hong Kong,Trustee of the British Museum and on the Governing Board of the School of Oriental and African Studies; a member of the Asia Society of New York, Trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and involved with the Freer and Sackler galleries in Washington. Has built a world-class collection of jades, porcelain, bronzes and Ming furniture, as well as fine Impressionist paintings. Sponsored the refurbishment of three galleries at the British Musuem (the Joseph E Hotung Gallery for China, South Asian and South East Asia; the Sir Joseph Hotung Centre for Ceramic Studies, which includes the Sir Percival David Collection of Chinese Ceramics which opened in 2009; and the Hotung Gallery (gallery 35) in the Great Court.


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