Zeus/Jupiter (Biographical details)

Zeus/Jupiter (personification/emblem; deity; Roman; Greek; Etruscan; Male)

Also known as

Zeus/Jupiter; Jupiter; Zeus; Tinia; Jupiter Heliopolitanus; Jupiter Pluvius; Jupiter Poeninus; Jupiter Tonans; Zeus Horkios; Zeus Keraunios; Zeus Strategos; Zeus Stratios; Jupiter Dolichenus; Zeus Dolichenus; Zeus Labraundos; Jupiter Conservator; Zeus Marnas; Zeus Nicephorus; Jupiter Anxur


One of the twelve Olympian gods and chief god of the Roman pantheon; specifically a god of the sky, he embodied all the benign and vengeful powers and functions of divinity; he led the other Olympian gods in their overthrow of the Titans (q.v.) and, as the husband of Hera/Juno (q.v.), is particularly known for his many infidelities.
Includes the specific manifestations: Jupiter Tonans ('Lightning Jupiter'), Zeus Keraunios ('The Thunderer'), Zeus Horkios (God of Oaths) and Zeus/Jupiter Dolichenus, originating in eastern Turkey.
Also used for the personification of the planet Jupiter.