The Lycurgus Painter (Biographical details)

The Lycurgus Painter (painter/draughtsman; Greek; 350 BC - 340 BC; fl.)

Also known as

Lycurgus Painter


Apulian red-figure vase-painter whose name is unknown. Nevertheless consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. Trendall called him the Lycurgus Painter naming him after his illustration of the madness of Lycurgus on a calyx krater in the British Museum. His work constitutes the culmination of the second phase of the 'Ornate' style with compositions on an ample scale, numerous figures, overlapping planes, skill in the representation of perspective and the illusion of spatial depth. He illustrated a wide range of mythological subjects with dramatic expressions on the faces of the participants just before the middle of the fourth century BC. Many vases have been attributed to his hand on the basis of style.


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