Mark Antony (Biographical details)

Mark Antony (politician/statesman; Roman; Male; 83 BC - 30 BC)

Also known as

Mark Antony; Marcus Antonius; M Antonius; Mark Anthony


Roman statesman; Consul in 44 and 34 BC and Triumvir in 43-38 BC and 37-33 BC. He is best remembered for his affair with Cleopatra VII of Egypt. He was a distant cousin of Julius Caesar (q.v.), and supported him and his adoptive son Octavian. With Octavian he sought to avenge the assassination of Caesar, fighting the forces of Brutus and Cassius, but the two allies became enemies. Antony committed suicide during the final days of the battle of Actium, as Octavian overpowered his and Cleopatra's combined forces.