The Niobid Painter (Biographical details)

The Niobid Painter (painter/draughtsman; Greek; 460BC - 450BC; fl.)

Also known as

Niobid Painter


Athenian red-figure vase-painter whose name is unknown. Nevertheless consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. Beazley called him the Niobid Painter after the subject painted on one of his vases. Many vases have been attributed to his hand on the basis of style. He specialised in decorating large pots often with rather large, dignified figures. On one vase he arranged the figures on several levels instead of on a single ground line as was usual, and in this he appears to have shown the influence of major wall painting which, as we know from literature, had just begun to make innovations of this kind.


Beazley ARV² 598-608; Boardman ARFH2 12-14.