Pheidias (Biographical details)

Pheidias (sculptor/medallist; Greek; Male; 438BC; active)

Also known as

Pheidias; Phidias


Pheidias (Φειδίας; Phidias), a sculptor at Athens at the time of Perikles, was the most famous sculptor of all antiquity. He is best known as the artistic director of the Periklean building programme, including the Parthenon sculptures and the colossal gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos, in the Parthenon. About his life not much is known. He trained in the workshop of Ageladas of Argos. He worked principally in Athens but also transferred his workshop to Olympia, where he constructed in gold and ivory the colossal seated Zeus which was to become one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The exact chronology of his works is far from secure, but he was certainly active before 438BC when the gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos is thought to have been dedicated in the Parthenon.