The Pistoxenos Painter (Biographical details)

The Pistoxenos Painter (painter/draughtsman; Greek; 470 BC - 460 BC; fl.)

Also known as

Pistoxenos Painter


Athenian red-figure vase-painter whose name is unknown. Nevertheless consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. Beazley called him the Pistoxenos Painter naming him after a skyphos in Schwerin he decorated that was signed by the potter Pistoxenos (q.v.). He also decorated cups signed by the potter Euphronios (q.v.) and was a pupil of the Antiphon Painter (q.v.). Working mainly in red-figure, he brought the delicacy of Late Archaic vase-painting into the Early Classical style and also produced white-ground tondi of great elegance. Many vases have been attributed to his hand on the basis of style.


Beazley ARV² 859-863
Boardman ARFH2 38