Eustace Smith (Biographical details)

Eustace Smith (politician/statesman; collector; British; Male; 1831 - 1903)

Also known as

Smith, Eustace; Smith, Eustace (Thomas)


Collector and owner of shipbuilding business. Born in Newcastle upon Tyne , into one of Tyneside's most prosperous shipping families. On his father's death in 1960, Eustace Smith inherited business interests worth £60,000 a year. In 1855 he married Martha Mary [Eustacia] Dalrymple and had ten children, born between 1856 and 1868. He was elected Liberal MP for Tynemouth from 1868-85. Together with his wife, he assembled a spectacular collection of aesthetic movement painting but following a scandal involving both his wife and his daughter, he resigned his seat in parliament and moved to Spain from 1885 to 1900. On their return, he and his wife commissioned a house from W. R. Lethaby in Hampshire.


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