Henry Swainson Cowper (Biographical details)

Henry Swainson Cowper (collector; British; Male; 1865 - 1941)

Also known as

Cowper, Henry Swainson; Swainson-Cowper, Henry; Swainson Cooper, Henry; Swainson Cowper, Henry


Born 1865; died 7 April 1941. Travelled in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Tripoli (Barbary) and Asia Minor. English antiquary and collector. Bequeathed a collection of small antiquities, mostly Egyptian but some purchased in Damascus in 1901, received by the British Museum in 1951.


Publications: Through Turkish Arabia, 1894; The Hill of the Graces (Travels in Tripoli), 1897; Hawkshead, its History, Archæology, etc., 1899; editor of the Early Registers of Aldingham and Hawkshead, Lancs; The Development of the Art of Attack, 1906; Loddenden and the Usbornes of Loddenden, 1914.