Jacob Bos (Biographical details)

Jacob Bos (printmaker; Italian; Dutch; Male; 1549 - 1580; fl.)

Also known as

Bos, Jacob; Bossius, Jacobus; Bosius, Jacobus; Boss, Jacobus


Engraver, born in 's-Hertogenbosch but all his work from 1549-1580 was in Rome; in 1553-54 as 'Intagliatore di stampe abitante in via Coppelle' (Bertolotti); 1567 elected master of the Natio Germaniae Inferiore.
He engraved maps and antiquities of Rome for Tramezzino, 1555-61; antiquities and religious works for Lafreri 1561-64; antiquities for Salamanca, 1562; portraits and religious works for P.P. Palumbo, 1563.


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Hollstein (22 nos)