Firens (Biographical details)

Firens (publisher/printer; printmaker; French; Male; 1604 c - 1671 c.; business active)

Also known as

Firens; Firens, Pierre; Firens, Gaspard


Paris "chez Pierre Firens, rue S.Iaques, à l'enseigne de l'Imprimerie de Taille-douce." [from ca.1604] Paris "rue St. Iac. a la [symbol of fleur de lisse]"


Family of engravers and print publishers, Paris; there were three generations of the name, who usually only give 'Firens' in their address; the father Pierre (c.1580-1638) was born in Antwerp to a French family, moved to Paris c.1604, where he was naturalised in 1607; he often signed his plates as 'graveur du Roi'; his son Gaspard (1608/11-1649) and grandson Pierre II (1641- after 1671) seem not to have engraved, but simply continued the business; any prints published by the Firens family are entered under the single name.