Pierre Mariette II (Biographical details)

Pierre Mariette II (publisher/printer; dealer/auction house; French; Male; 1634 - 1716)

Also known as

Mariette, Pierre


Rue St Jacques à l'Espérance (1657) 'Aux colonnes d'Hercule', rue St Jacques (1655-1691)


Print dealer and publisher, the greatest publisher of the century; son of Pierre Mariette I (q.v.); married Madeleine, the widow of François Langlois (q.v.), in 1655 and managed the Langlois business at the 'Colonnes d'Hercules'. In 1657 settled at his father's address (rue st Jacques à l'Espérance) of which he owned a quarter, before buying all the remaining shares in 1663. In 1658, bought the 'Colonnes d'Hercules', and for a while rented it to a hat-maker then to a book-seller before passing it to his son Jean in 1691.
The signature 'PMariette' seen on the versos of numerous prints is almost always of the younger Pierre: the earliest recorded is of 1646 (at the age of 12) on a Rembrandt etching (see Hinterding 2006, fn.155) and on the recto of Dürer's engraving of Pirckheimer in the BM.


Lugt 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790.