Ernest Brummer (Biographical details)

Ernest Brummer (musician; dealer/auction house; Hungarian; Male; 1891 - 1964)

Also known as

Brummer, Ernest


Dealer; born at Zombor in southern Hungary (later part of Yugoslavia). Educated first at the Gymnasium, then as a flutist at the Jesuit Academy of Music in Budapest; he subsequently went to Paris to study art at the Sorbonne and Ecole du Louvre, where he was a student under Salomon Reinarch. Following the outbreak of the First World War he joined the French army as an officer and interpreter. Thereafter he began collecting art and antiquities across Europe and together with his older brother Joseph Brummer (q.v.) and his younger brother Imre (d. 1928), he ran the Brummer Gallery in Paris and later with a second office in New York which included exhibitions by French Impressionists and American artists. He co-authored with Adolphe Basler a book on "L'Art Précolombien" (Paris 1928). After the death of Joseph Brummer in 1947, most of their collection was auctioned in New York in 1949, followed by later sales in London in 1965 and Zurich in 1979.


Auction catalogue: 'The Ernest Brummer Collection: Ancient Art', Grand Hotel Dolder, Zurich, 16-19 October 1979 (two volumes).